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Appetizing Event

Looking for a fun, unique way to entertain? Instead of serving a full dinner, try serving small plates of appetizers! It's a fun, delicious way to sample a variety of dishes.

small plates, big taste!

At this get-together, main dishes aren't the main attraction. Wow your guests with these mouthwatering, easy-to-prepare appetizers from the Pepperidge Farm kitchens.

basil mushroom cups

These bite-sized mini-mushroom pastry cups make a fun, delicious finger food.

brie en croute

A flaky pastry crust cradles creamy Brie topped with almonds and parsley in this guaranteed crowd pleaser.

caesar salad in toast cups

Crisp lettuce, crunchy croutons and sharp Parmesan are nestled in a whole-grain toast cup for a healthful and tasty treat.

spinach pastry diamonds

Flaky pastry envelops spinach, onion, eggs, nutmeg, Swiss cheese and mushroom soup.

grilled pineapple tart

Grilled pineapple is combined with brown sugar, ginger, coconut and mint atop a pastry crust, and then served warm with vanilla ice cream.

five great cheeses you might not know

Sure, Havarti and Brie are great, but there's a whole world of wonderful cheese out there. For something a little bit different, treat your guests to these fun, fabulous varieties! All these cheeses go perfectly with Pepperidge Farm® Distinctive Crackers or our Hearth Fired Artisan Breads cut into bite-sized pieces. If you can't find these cheeses in your local grocery or specialty store, look for them online.

montasio (mahn-tah-see-o)

With a flavor that ranges from mild and delicate to mellow and fruity, this cheese is perfect for eating with crusty bread.

cantal (cahn-tal)

Prized by the Romans over 2,000 years ago, this delightful cheese has a sweet milky aroma and a nutty, buttery flavor.

tilsit (teel-sit)

With a lovely yellow color and a mild flavor that's delicate with spicy undertones, Tilsit is similar to Havarti cheese, but with a much fuller flavor.

bleu d'auvergne  (bluh dough-vairn)

A close relative of Roquefort, Bleu d'Auvergne has a wonderfully creamy texture and a subtle, rustic flavor.

idiazabal  (id-ee-ah-zah-bahl)

A favorite of those who enjoy a tasty, chewy cheese, Idiazabal features a distinctively rich, buttery flavor and perfumed aroma.