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Sips to Make It Special

Add the aroma of a fresh pot of coffee or the pop of a wine cork—and the anticipation of your favorite food from Pepperidge Farm is sweeter than ever. Try these pairings:

Chessmen® CookiesChessmen® cookies with a bright, spicy tea.

Wild Mushroom and Baby Arugula BruschettaWild Mushroom and Baby Arugula Bruschetta on Puff Pastry with a red wine sangria.

Eggplant Taleggio PaniniEggplant Taleggio Panini with an effervescent Italian mineral water.

Strawberry Verona®Strawberry Verona® cookies with a light, sweet Riesling wine.

There's just something about sipping a great drink from a real piece of stemware that makes partygoers feel, well… pampered. Plus, it makes a nice clink when you toast—unlike plastic! Check restaurant supply stores for matching glasses or browse thrift shops for goblets, snifters and flutes in all shapes and sizes. Eclectic-chic has never been easier.

Some parties you just never forget. Maybe it's because of the small details—like a wedge of fresh fruit garnishing a punch tumbler. Fresh mint sprigs frozen into the ice cubes. Drinks presented on trays, personally by the host. A handmade charm to identify your glass. It's your gathering—put your own unique spin on it.

Who needs a big occasion to celebrate? Invite a few of your closest pals over to catch up and indulge in good food and drinks. Host an easy breakfast get-together with Pepperidge Farm Swirl breads, bagels and Breakfast Omelet Sandwiches. Set up a "coffee bar" so guests can add flavored syrups and other accompaniments. Or how about a ladies' night in? Cue up that tear-jerker DVD, uncork the wine and pass one of our rich, dark chocolate cookies like Geneva® or Brussels®.