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Keep the conversation going with these fun, bet-you-didn't-know-it facts:

Legend has it that pumpernickel got its name when Napoleon asked for a loaf of dark rye bread for his horse, Nicole. "Pain pour Nicole," he ordered, meaning "Bread for Nicole." To Germanic ears, however, this sounded just like "pumpernickel."

Those holes that a cracker has? They’re called "docking" holes, and they actually prevent air pockets from forming in the cracker while baking.

The graceful moves of the female ballerina inspired our famous Pirouette® rolled wafers. But now let’s hear it for the male ballet dancer, too! He lifts a total of 1 to 1 ½ tons of ballerinas over the course of an average performance.

Most people will eat about 35,000 cookies in their lifetime. That’s about 2,334 bags of Milano® cookies!

Parents know how important it is to keep Goldfish® crackers around the house. However, having real goldfish (or any pet) at home is smart, too. Studies show that high schoolers with pets have higher average GPAs than non-pet owners!

The party music is playing and the drinks are ready to go. You’ve prepared all the food—down to the last stuffed mushroom. Now don’t forget the most important detail (besides extra napkins, of course): making sure every guest feels comfortable and connected to the other partygoers.


Give them props

Favors aren’t just for kids. They’re also great ice-breakers for grown-up dinner parties. Consider leaving mini maracas at each place setting for a Mexican feast, or decorated paper fans for an Asian meal.

butter them up with a toastbutter them up with a toast

A simple way to get everyone in the spirit of the celebration is by raising your glass and making a toast. It can be about anything: thanking your guests for coming, sharing a story about your dog or paying tribute to the amazing potato salad your friend brought. Odds are, others will join in with toasts of their own.

meetings with meaning

When introducing one guest to another, bring up a unique fact about that person that may be of interest to the other. For example, "Anne, have you met my friend Cynthia? She’s been taking belly dancing lessons."

in tune with each other

Music really connects people—especially when they discover a shared love of jazz or a mutual obsession with 80’s music. So ask guests to bring some of their favorite music to help set the party mood. You can even create a mix CD of the most popular songs from your gathering to give everyone later as a reminder of the fun time you had together.

that's entertain-mintthat's entertain-mint

For cocktail parties, place dishes of Mint Milano® cookies on tables and in other areas guests will be gathering. It’s a sweet surprise—plus instant breath refreshment!

for pint-sized partygoers

If any of your guests bring kids, organize special activities for them. Try a game of freeze dance. Put on some good tunes and let the groovy moves commence. When the music is paused, everyone comes to an abrupt stop in mid-move. The silly poses will bring out giggles, but watch out—anyone who moves after the music stops is "out."