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Chocolate Indulgence
a melt-in-your-mouth menu

First, be sure to have a variety of chocolates on hand to satisfy every kind of craving. Break bars of classic milk chocolate, elegant white chocolate, and dark chocolate flavored with exotic essences like orange, into bite-sized pieces. Arrange an assortment of bittersweet European-style chocolate truffles on a serving tray. Now is your chance to sample all those new artisan varieties you've been meaning to try (curry coconut chocolate, anyone?).

Next, get ready to turn up the cocoa-quotient of your gathering by serving a couple of these dreamy Pepperidge Farm® desserts—each one a chocolate lover's dream come true!

chocolate: up close and personal

There is a true art to enjoying chocolate to the fullest. Follow these expert tips, and you and your friends will be well on your way to chocolate nirvana:

Store at constant temperature.

This delays changes in the appearance of the chocolate. Leave in the packaging (aluminum foil) in a sealed bag and store in the lowest part of the refrigerator.

Serve at room temperature.

This allows the chocolate to begin to melt the moment it hits your mouth. Cold chocolate doesn't release its flavors and aromas as quickly.

Cleanse your palate.

Make sure there are no strong flavors lingering in your mouth before you begin to taste your chocolate. A piece of unsalted cracker, a slice of tart apple or a sip of plain seltzer water are all said to reduce flavors in your mouth.

Look at the chocolate.

Good chocolate should have an even, shiny gloss on its surface. If chocolate is not stored properly or is too old it will lose its gloss, and a white hazy layer called “bloom” will appear, making it less appetizing.

Listen to the chocolate.

Break your piece of chocolate in half. High-quality chocolate makes a sharp, crisp sound with a clean edge. This is called the "chocolate snap".

Taste the chocolate.

Good chocolate has a rich, velvety texture and should literally "melt in your mouth". While melting, the chocolate should feel rich and luxurious in your mouth.

The big finish.

As the last of the chocolate leaves your mouth, the lingering flavor is known as the "finish". Good chocolate has a complex and interesting finish.