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The best things in life are real. Real love, real friends and real food. Pepperidge Farm® Baked Naturals®  are delicious snack crackers and chips made with real, authentic ingredients and baked to an irresistible crunch. Made with no preservatives, the delicious taste shines through—so you can feel good enjoying them anytime, anywhere.

Bethenny's Smart Snacks & Tips

Celebrity natural food chef Bethenny Frankel created these tasty snack recipes. All are made with real, natural ingredients and take less than 15 minutes to prepare. So you can eat well while loving every bite!

Spicy Chipotle Dip

spicy chipotle dip

Chipotle chiles in adobo sauce add just the right amount of zing to this easy-to-make crowd-pleaser.

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Next time your girlfriends gather for a movie night, include some protein-rich options. They’ll love snacks that are a bit more nourishing, and totally enjoyable!

Lemon Basil Hummus Dip

lemon basil hummus dip

This decadent dip features the fresh flavors of lemon and basil and comes together in no time. Be sure to make plenty... it will go fast.

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You work hard—a fulfilling snack with added protein can provide you with renewed energy and focus to help you get through the remainder of the day.

Rainbow Mexican Salad

rainbow mexican salad

Tomatoes, avocado, beans, corn, cheese, olives and Cheese Crisps form colorful layers in this fresh, delicious salad.

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Add a little heat to your date night at home with unexpected flavors and textures. Top any salad with flavorful and zesty Baked Naturals®  Cheese Crisps
to make it exciting and crunchy – a combination
that will have your date asking for seconds.